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Message from Director of schools

Term 3 Covid-19 RESPONSE Plan and Our Way Forward

Dear Parent,

Sincere compliments to you and your family and we believe you are all keeping safe at these challenging times of the Covid-19 global pandemic, while also keeping hope alive for a promising future for all of us, especially our star children. We are building a RESPONSE (Remote Education and Schooling Programme through Online delivery and Networking Students Everywhere) plan for the benefit of the parents and children which we are sure will bridge every possible learning and financial gaps for the children and the parents respectively in the RESPONSE project and beyond.

Going down memory lane on this day of 20th April 2010, Granny Murray was established to commence the journey we are still on today. At outset, basically as a Creche and it quickly grew into an Early Years Foundation Stage and school readiness programme provider, we have since grown into providing insightful learning and caring to all the over 500 children that have since walked through our facilities. Our Early Years Foundation Stage pioneers back then are now at advanced stages in our Key Stage 2 classes. This is the continuity drive that is inspiring our vision for the present Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 period as well.

In as much as we are excited about our anniversary, we thank the Almighty God for the journeys, past and future. However, we will not want to dwell on our past 10 years at this time but rather, our journey with you into the future. The entire Granny Murray Schools management, mentoring and teaching staff too have been working hard at setting the stage for the coming RESPONSE project. This has kept us busy and working with other education industry partners including education advocacy and technology development.

Our RESPONSE (Remote Education and Schooling Programme through Online delivery and Networking Students Everywhere) plan is targeted at helping the children sustain their education at this time of the Covid-19 global pandemic. We have started with stakeholder’s sensitization and engagement to help the children and the parents experience the best possible learning outcomes as they study remotely away from school. The preparations we have made, beginning with the online e-Assessment that was completed for the Term 2 and the previous online learning and testing, will ensure that we build and consolidate on the successes of the past. We are also sending out some advisory sheets for parents who are unsure of how to get started on this path. More of these advisory sheets will be shared in the coming days.

We eagerly look forward to the start of the RESPONSE Project for a once in a lifetime experience for all of us, when we shut down our schools and we take classes and learning home to the children. Though the children have indicated their preference to return back to school, they have also made it clear that it is safer for them to stay safe at home until when the school will once more return to a place of safety, security and stability

We thank all our parents and guardians as they support the school and the children on this e-Learning, e-Classes, e-Mentoring, e-Tracking and e-Assessment journey on the RESPONSE project!

Very Warm Regards,
Josephine O. Oke (Ms.)
Director of Schools