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Message from Director of schools

Welcome back to Term 3 and the race to the finish line for the 2018/2019 academic year. The Term promises to be a busy one as we consolidate and expand our students’ learning. We have placed a great deal of emphasis on continuous improvement and raising academic standards throughout the course of this year. Working with staff in their professional growth and development, looking at ways to analyze and utilize Term Two’s progress report, pupils and parents’ feedback and providing resources for staff to focus on necessary areas of improvement. Staff have engaged with this process wholeheartedly and we are seeing the signs in terms of learning outcomes and improved impact of taught concepts on the children.

High expectations are the foundations of a successful learning culture. While every student is at a different point on their learning journey and possesses a unique set of gifts, every student can strive to be the best that they can be. Success is not always measured by the number of ‘A’s’ on a progress report, but more by whether students are progressing and moving ahead in their learning. This takes self-discipline, organisation and resilience The Competition Myth

At Granny Murray Schools, we consider it strongly that speaking, writing, science, technology, arts and sports competitions play a huge role in supporting students towards improving their overall academic performances. Even if eventually the ultimate prize is not won, the outcomes still offers a win-win such that the student can take away a considerable level of experience and exposure that wouldn’t have been gotten if he or she were not part of the competition. Competition remains a viable platform for the display of inherent skills and nurturing of newly found skills, while offering opportunity to win future competitions.

Another school of thought is that competitions the world over is known to offer children a chance to meet other children and adults while they also make new friends from other disciplines and geographic locations. This opportunity has helped to fill the gaps created by extinction of the pen-pal clubs and other diverse location communication patterns that existed back in the days. Last term our primary and secondary pupils participated in the National mathematics competition held in Abuja, National debate, National handwriting with great performances and the recently concluded national common entrance examinations.

Going forward, in the course of the new term and ahead of the 2019/2020 school session, we will endeavour to encourage parents to continue to motivate their children towards the spirit of doing better and improving on their records through legitimate means while it helps them to become better persons, raises confidence levels in their academics and improve their chances in their future career as well. The gains and achievements through an average competition can leave great imprints in the heart of your child, teach them the way to go in life and they will never depart from it.

While welcoming all children and parents to a new term once more, we promise to continue encouraging the children to participate in more competitions in and outside the school for more deserving experience.

Josephine O. Oke (Ms.)
Director of Schools