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Indoor and Outdoor Activities

At Granny Murray Schools, we believe that the biggest classroom is covered by the sky – outdoors! This implies the reason why beyond indoor activities and classroom learning, we take seriously also the outdoor learning for a complete paradigm shift. The children have appreciated this in the past and have also shown great response to learning patterns, both indoors and outdoors.

Beyond the usual games and sports that takes place outdoors, a significant level of learning also occurs outdoors. These includes nature studies, practical literacy and numeracy demonstrations and story telling as well. Sports and games have included board games of chess and scrabble, group games like tug of war, dance, drama and lots of other fun activities.

Catch me if you – is a scene of race that our early years children put up immediately they set there feet on the outdoor lawn. It is an experience that gives both children and teachers a new lease of life and a relief from the four walls of the classroom especially.

As a blend of learning methodologies, we also move some regular outdoor activities indoors as well during change in weather or for the purpose of improved safety. Our Health, Safety and Environment policy recognizes the need to pay attention to specific and general conditions always within the school premises. It is based on the set conditions of this policy that certain decisions are made which further informs the choice of indoor or outdoor spaces for learning, work, or play.

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