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Inspiring Teachers

Teaching at Granny Murray has been taken to a greater height considered as mentoring. Our teaching approach has been transformed from audible through visual to hands-on methodology. We go beyond teaching based on the teacher’s knowledge through subject lessons but also through clear mentoring and relational teaching. Our inspired teachers go beyond teaching of concepts of “How” for knowledge based lessons but include the mentoring of “Why” through the application of knowledge to practice and understanding of the essence through impartation of wisdom, dedication, practical insight and creativity; which is chief amongst our core values for developing a complete child.

We consider that our roles as mentors is a quite rewarding one as we continue to observe the children’s growth, develop and blossom under our watch. Regardless of the background of our mentors, they bring to the table common characteristics and understanding that they respect and treat each child as an individual and have an open and clear mindset of getting along and learning as well by themselves.

Our inspired mentors already understand their places in education while continually exhibiting a high level of creativity, harmony, integrity, love and dedication inside and outside of the classrooms, also ensure to possess willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise.

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