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Our Learning Philosophy

  • Only a healthy child is ready for a learning experience (creativity and critical thinking)
  • Children learn best in a stimulating, caring and safe environment (health and mindfulness)
  • Children learn best when offered a range of learning experiences (outdoors, excursions, presentations, role plays,)
  • Children learn best when they understand the purpose of what they are doing and have ownership of the learning activities and the curriculum (attitude associated with academic honesty, service learning, grading standard, sports)
  • Children learn best within a well-planned developmental curriculum which has continuity and progression as its core (assessment, reward system and sanctions)
  • Children learn best when they feel the partnership between home and school (parent partnership, after-school, daily feedback, periodic progress reporting; Daily My Day @ Granny Murray & After-School tracker, periodical “I CAN”, EoT Report)
  • Children learn best when the activity they are undertaking is differentiated, as necessary learning support and assessment to meet their needs (IEP, IBP, 1-on-1 individualized approach)
  • The quality of a child’s learning is determined by the quality of our teaching (Homework, classwork, projects/research work, Flexible Fridays, Periodic assessment)
  • Children learn best when lessons are engaging, enabling and motivating (Use of Rhymes, Montessori, Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), Interactive White Board (IWB), Online games, tablets, Flash cards); skilful use of new technologies
  • Interdisciplinary approach (integrated) to learning which strengthen pupils’ ability to transfer knowledge and skills to new situations