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Class Viewpoint/Philosophy

The pre-school is a part of our larger early years setting and a key stage of the school readiness programme. Granny Murray’s early years foundation stage school readiness and nurturing programme is delivered in the pre-school classes of Crayon, Courtesy and Candour over a period of 3 years.

Children of ages 2 – 5 years are observed early by watching their actions, expressions, gestures, and behaviour, while also listening to their talks and interactions.

Our pre-school practice includes a sensitive and respective approach to children’s attitude thereby developing individual learning agenda for each child through the Individual Educational Plan (IEP), especially for the Literacy and Numeracy subjects.

Viewpoint and Philosophy

Granny Murray’s pre-school viewpoint and philosophy drive is aimed at helping children of 2 – 5 years of age to prepare for formal primary school which will support them to deal more effectively with their present and future environments, including within their family, school and community life as well through provision of adequate behavioural modeling.

We consider these years as crucial in every child’s life and thus the need to prepare each child towards becoming a success in life through positive brain development, rich indoor and outdoor learning experience, and continually improved quality curriculum