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Class Viewpoint/Philosophy

The Years 1 to 9 basic and primary education programmes is delivered through the Key Stage 1 Classes; Courage, Creativity and Confidence classes at the Lower Primary Level.

The Upper Primary Level programme is delivered in the Key Sage 2 Classes; Cooperation, Compassion, and Charisma classes.

The final stage of the basic and primary education is delivered through the Key Stage 3 Classes; Consistent, Conscience and Commitment classes. These classes were previously considered in Nigeria as the Junior Secondary School classes i.e. the JSS 1 to 3.

Viewpoint and Philosophy

Our basic and primary school education is focused at getting the right people to teach the children, using appropriate content, developing them further into effective learners, and ensuring that our overall system is able to deliver the best possible instruction and support for every child.

The education delivery considers the Essentialism, Progressivism, Perennialism, Existentialism, Behaviourism, Constructivism and Linguistic philosophies of education and is applied daily to help the children become enlightened and intelligent citizens with rational and moral powers that makes them to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions in their family, school and community, while also developing the students to be able to construct great ideas, express themselves and their ideas and become independent and inherently motivated.