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Message from Director of schools


The opportunity to educate children is a privilege we take very seriously and a duty we regard with great joy. We understand parents want for their children a stimulating, well-rounded education that recognizes the uniqueness of their children and family, with assurances that the child will be ready to adapt to life changes, thrive beyond survival, impact society positively and succeed in life beyond school. This gives the parents confidence in their educational investment as we work together as a school, family, and community. Together as partners, we preserve the child’s purpose and maximize their potential to unlock a bright future for themselves. GMS is driven to help pupils discover their talents, broaden their horizons through joyful explorations and develop their personal character which we do through our core values, focus on enhancing communication skills, encouraging teamwork, and embracing innovation.

The uniqueness of Granny Murray Schools is our integrated curriculum and unconventional approach to schooling and this is central to the character of our pupils and the culture of the entire GMS community. We have adopted holistic cradle-to-career solutions that intentionally plan for a fulfilled life now and in the future. We keep challenging ourselves as staff and pupils to continually gravitate towards academic excellence, integrity and in order to achieve success.

We empower our pupils to continually gravitate towards creativity, integrity, and academic excellence in order to be able to own their future and transform the world around them. The pupils have curious minds that go beyond the bounds of the assessed curriculum. We instill the desire to learn, think, question, analyze and explore while building the capability to create and implement new ideas. We help them to connect with people and places in ways that build their understanding and enhance cooperation, while helping them to them own the world. They also build the capacity to connect ideas for forward-thinking opportunities and the skills to continue to enhance lifetime development.

What sets us apart from other schools is our distinctive culture, borne out of more than 12 years of heritage which is still alive and well to this day. Our pupils live and breathe our core values: creativity, harmony, integrity, love, and dedication which is something we share in common as a school, family, and community.

Their impressive achievements and endeavours do not come from just their ability. Our pupils are curious, caring, courteous, courageous, creative, confident, compassionate, and cooperative. They demonstrate a lot of charisma, a conscious sense of responsibility, consistency, and the capacity for self-reflection. Their sustained love for learning, enterprising and caring, and community approach are what distinguish a GMS child from others. We champion the value of quality and inclusive education and nurture every child that walks through our gates.

We have developed an exceptional, progressive, and multi-faceted approach to education, tailored to the needs of every unique child from Cradle to College (Preschool to Year 12). Our vision and aspiration, and the call to action that guides all of us at GMS is what challenges us as a team and our pupils to be Exceptional Performers.

At GMS, tradition is important and still shapes many of our guiding principles but we also seek to build on the past and look ahead. This is an innovation-rich school, family, and community that enthusiastically embraces the partnership we have with parents in developing purposeful young adults ready to lead prosperous, rewarding, and impactful lives.

This is Granny Murray Schools!

Very Warm Regards,
Josephine O. Oke (Ms.)
Director of Schools