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  • Vision, Mission and Our Core Values
Vision, Mission and Our Core Values

To raise a complete and purposeful child

Mission Mission

To support the children to continually gravitate towards creativity, integrity and academic excellence through appreciating the uniqueness of each child, positive relations and enabling environment

Core Values

Our core values have been adapted from the single beneficiary of our core service; the CHILD.


It is our aim to help every child become creative in their academics, thinking, relationships and development in life. As service providers, we aim to be creative in our service provisioning, care and support, including the continuous evolution of our learning and development content.


We intend to consistently, orderly, in a mutually beneficial and pleasing manner bring our learning and care together. In fulfilling our vision and mission towards developing a complete and total child, we must bring in a bit of every value, harmonize them and show a great deal of character.


At Granny Murray, we intend to make conscious effort in our adherence to moral and ethical principles, develop the children to achieve sound moral character and honesty, while remaining undiminished under any circumstances.


We shall continuously show profound radiation of warmth in all of Granny Murray environment through passionate affection towards children, parents, management and staff. We must always exercise in our actions and deeds a high level of religious tolerance for all faiths and beliefs.

We also must endeavour to reach out to individuals of different backgrounds, origin or race. All of these are actions that will help us build the children’s character towards a total and completed child.


A 100% dedication is expected from staff and children, and not less. We must be wholly committed to our roles and goals.